No stranger to ingenious marketing strategies, the studio A24 has released an untitled one-minute teaser trailer for a sci-fi film that poses infinitely more questions than answers.

The trailer, filmed in blue and green hues, depicts unknown actors in a multitude of quotidian situations—a baby cries, a teenager watches TV, a couple sits at a doctor's desk. But everyone bears a particularly grave look on their face. Titles that connote common sci-fi elements, such as "Question," "Identity," and "Beyond Reality," swim across the screen. The YouTube description reads only "in our near future," and there is no further information available about this film (or TV series?) on A24's official site.

A24 has pulled off many other great publicity stunts. At SXSW 2015, the studio introduced Ex Machina by surfacing a Tinder profile of the robot, Ava, for users in the area, which included no information about the film itself. (Ex Machina went on to earn $25 million domestically.) To promote Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, in 2013, A24 created a Facebook meme that showed James Franco amidst bikini-clad teenage girls. Text below—"On Friday, be good. We’re saving you a seat"—directed those who shared the viral photo to purchase tickets to the film.

That marketing is best fueled by intrigue is not wisdom known only to A24, of course. USA promoted Mr. Robot in a similar manner, releasing photographs of a hooded and obscured Rami Malek across cities nationwide with merely the tagline, "Who is Mr. Robot?"

Watch the "Untitled" trailer from A24 below.