We've been drooling over Bright Tangerine's follow focus since we got our hands on it at NAB 2016. With features that professional camera assistants love like zero play, dual sided gears and the ability to pare down physical profile for tight areas, the Revolvr might be the best follow focus ever designed. From the makers of the popular Misfit Mattebox and Titan Arm, the Revolvr comes in two flavors: the 18mm $2,400 studio version and the lightweight 13mm $1,600 Revolvr Atom. The product has been delayed a number of times, but according to Bright Tangerine it's now ready to come off the shelves:

AbelCine gives a comprehensive rundown of all the features and design perks of the Revolvr:

Bright Tangerine has been bringing some of the highest quality products to market since their inception, albeit at a high price. The attention to detail and design refinements in this follow focus are truly impressive and we imagine would impress any professional camera assistant. You can now order directly from Bright Tangerine by registering on their site.