Schneider Kreuznach has released a full set of Xenon cinema prime lenses with the ability to tilt the depth of field built right in, which has long been a technique that required aftermarket accessories to accomplish.

Tilting your depth of field can be a powerful narrative tool, whether you are using it to deliberately throw someone out of focus who might normally be sharp, or to hold focus on near and far objects while working with a shallow depth of field. The ability to shift around the depth of field—which is normally perpendicular to the axis of the lens—can be very useful. Previously, to achieve the effect, you either needed to accept lower quality glass like the Lensbaby, or use an adapter like the Arri or the Century Optics for top quality lenses. With their newest release, Schneider Kreuznach saves you the complication by building 4° of tilt directly into the lens design of their Xenon FF Cine Tilt prime lenses.

Cine-tilt-prime-lenses_Credit: Schneider

Available at launch only in Sony E-mount (perfect for the new Sony FS-7), the Cine Tilt lenses perform identically to normal Xenon FF glass when set to 0° of tilt. They still open to a T2.1, and should intercut seamlessly with any footage shot with the non-tilt Xenons. The tilt wheel itself is set up with a .8 pitch gear, meaning it will work with common follow focus units or remote motors. Shift that wheel, and your depth of field with shift along with it, allowing filmmakers highly precise control when tilted depth of field is necessary.

Schneider_35mm_tilt_shiftCredit: Schneider

No word as yet on pricing, but expect a hefty price increase over the normal Xenon FF Primes, which land around $3500 each. 

Tech Specs:

  • T2.1 through the range
  •  25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm
  • 120° of ring rotation, +/- 4° of focus tilt
  • .8 tooth pitch gear ring
  • 80° of focal plane shift
  • Full Frame coverage