The guys over at Corridor Digital are quickly becoming the masters at doing the coolest things with GoPros. First, they mounted a HERO5 Session to the tip of an arrow, then they shot one out of a high-pressure air cannon, and now they've decided to mount some HERO5s to different spots on a katana and slice through a bunch of watermelons. The final stitched-together-slo-mo footage is pretty awesome! Check it out below:

Watching videos shot from a GoPro mounted onto a sword is entertaining in its own right, but Corridor Digital took it a step further by mounting two GoPros near the handle of the katana. What this did was allow the team to create a panoramic view of all of the slicing and dicing, which enabled them to not only capture the actual cut, but the debris that followed as well.


Is it a perfect panorama? No, it's a little janky, but as Wren says in the video, "Embrace the jank." Stitch marks or not, it's still an impressive shot. Corridor Digital talks about the challenges they faced to capture the panorama in the video:

I'm trying to line these [GoPros] up so that I have the right 25% of this camera matching up with the left 25% of this other camera so I can have them overlapping.

In post, they slowed down the footage, which was shot at 120 fps, overlapped the footage from both camera rigs, rotated the images until they matched up, and then blended them using "repeat edges" and a feathered mask. The result is a video that totally lets you see a ninja slice from the point of view of a katana!

Source: Sam and Niko