Avid Invests $500M to Make Editing Available Anywhere With MediaCentral Cloud UX

Credit: Avid
Avid's platform-agnostic, cloud-based content sharing platform is poised to revolutionize post workflows.

Avid Media Central has been around for a few years now, but Avid has invested in a complete refresh of the product with the goal of creating a truly networked media environment for filmmakers on the go. The new release is built primarily around an exciting set of tools known as MediaCentral Cloud UX, which brings powerful editing operations to a web-based cloud interface, allowing editors, producers, directors and assistants to access footage on whatever machine they are using, wherever they have web access.

Credit: Avid

MediaCentral Cloud UX is the online platform for reviewing edits, subclipping, and browsing footage, along with Android and iOS applications. Its built-in chat application integrates with the Media Composer chat window to send messages to team members, and can be configured to email team members notifications when they are offline. With this functionality, it should be easier than ever to save yourself a trip back to the edit suite when a small change is required, or to start working on a project from a location set before moving on into post.

Building on their long loved Phrase Find tool, Media Central offers Phonetic Search, allowing the search for footage for a specific word or phrase. This works natively from either Media Composer or from Premiere Pro.

Credit: Avid

One nice feature of MediaCentral Cloud UX that will make life easier for creators is direct export to social media platforms, which can be customized to a variety of outputs. This is particularly useful for freeing creatives from their offices at the end of a project. Traditionally, when a final preview is delivered to a client and approval is received, you need to stay in the office to upload the approved project to the client's chosen platforms. The ability to link those outputs directly to their intended platforms from your laptop over the web, or from your phone on the train, will open up a huge world of flexibility for creators.

Credit: Avid

Cloud solutions are tough, especially in North America, since the internet is so notoriously slow that it makes access to larger media files complicated to navigate. By combining their expertise in building Nexis local storage servers with a reportedly $500 million investment in cloud technology engineering, Avid seems poised to finally crack the internet editing nut that we all have been dreaming of. The fact that it works with Premiere Pro is an even bigger plus.

Credit: Avid

Our biggest gripe? MediaCentral and Media Composer will both be abbreviated MC when in a hurry.

Tech Specs:

  • Editorial Management, Production Management, Newsroom Management, Asset Management, and Graphics Management modules
  • Phonetic Search
  • Integration with Media Composer and Premiere Pro
  • Works with Nexis server hardware
  • Chrome on Windows, Safari on Mac support

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