Today marks the long-awaited release of Apple's most powerful hardware yet in the new iMac Pro. And with it, the computer behemoth has peppered in a little surprise: a new update for all you Final Cut X users out there.

Final Cut Pro 10.4's major update reflects one of the new iMac's newest capabilities. The iMac Pro is the first Mac to fully support VR, and so it would only make sense that Apple attempts to make Final Cut the "premiere" tool for VR filmmakers. The company claims you can edit 360-degree footage at 8K "and beyond," complete with motion graphics. And for those motion graphics, Apple has updated its companion app Motion to allow the insertion of text and graphics into the video.

One really cool feature that now makes the editing tool standout from the pack, VR-wise, is the ability to preview your work in real-time on VR-compatible headsets.


There are also updates in store for those of you who couldn't care less about VR. Filmmakers can now finally edit in two of today's most important HDR formats: Rec. 2020 HDR10 and Rec. 2020 Hybrid Log Gamma. Graders will also be happy to learn that, in addition to a whole new slate of advanced color inspection tools, the update also provides both HDR-compatible scopes. This comes with the nifty option to boot up HDR monitoring on external displays through your I/O device. 

Lastly, 10.4 gives users the option to edit HEVC and Cinema RAW Light video, create slow-motion footage, and edit audio using Logic Pro plugins. For first-timers, you can now easily import iMovie or iOS projects into your timeline.