Finding the right music for your project, especially for corporate, client, and rough cuts, can be a whole job unto itself. Filmstro, a popular tool with a well integrated Premiere Pro plugin panel, gives you a massive library of stock music with the ability to deeply manipulate the musical attributes to fine-tune precisely how it supports your project. Filmstro is now expanding beyond Premiere integration and to support Final Cut Pro X.

As you can see from the demo, Filmstro offers users a number of options for selectively controlling a variety of musical parameters directly in sync with your picture. Working with the native Filmstro panel in Premiere has offered users the ability to shift the music in direct connection with the picture, and even shift the picture to better accommodate the music, making for a fast and easy method for adding music to your project. Extending that functionality out from Premiere to other NLEs is a smart move for Filmstro, and an interesting choice in FCPX. For a long time, it seemed like many users were avoiding FCPX, but with the latest revisions, Apple has worked hard to win them back. Now, we're seeing the fruits of that labor as more third party vendors are returning to support FCPX. Notably, Filmstro opted to port its plugin to FCPX before adding Media Composer or Resolve support.

Fcpxtwitter_asset02Credit: Filmstro

In addition, you can use Filmstro to create soundtracks on your iOS device and in the downloadable app, but for the filmmaker, integration right in the NLE is functionality that is greatly appreciated.

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Tech Specs:

  • Premiere Pro and FCPX Support
  • 24 bit, 48 kHz audio
  • Momentum, Depth and Power parameters associated with keyframes
  • Various rights options including non-profit and educational