Small HD is on quite a roll over the last year. First, the company gave us a color accurate on-set monitor with the 702 OLED, finally giving filmmakers a small monitor we could trust on set to match our calibrated monitors in post. Then, SmallHD rolled out the 703 Bolt, which, while not as color accurate as the OLED, upped the brightness to 3000 nits (viewable in hot noon sun), and added a wireless receiver to save cabling and rigging for directors monitors on set.

Just in time for NAB 2018,  SmallHD is back with a few new additions that make some of those technologies affordable for the more indie filmmaker and should especially make rigging easier by combing tech together into smaller units.

The FOCUS line

The FOCUS line of units from Small HD are built around adding the most cost-effective and useful monitoring system possible for DSLR filmmakers working with smaller packages, with the standout feature being power output, allowing filmmakers to use a single battery (mounted on the monitor) to power both the monitor and the camera, simplifying power management throughout the day. New this year is an expansion of that line, with the addition of an SDI Focus monitor and OLED units. The SDI feature is appreciated when working with cameras that put out SDI formats, but the most appealing feature here is seeing OLED roll out to a more affordable price point, with the new monitors coming in at $699 and $799 for HDMI and SDI versions. The monitors are offering a claimed 105% of NTSC coverage, which— if they calibrate as accurately as the 702OLED—will be a great addition to any workflow.

Nofilmschool_focus_boltCredit: Small HD

Mon-focus-oled-sdi_sl_04Credit: Small HD

Combo units

More exciting for us are the new FOCUS Bolt RX and TX units. Similar to the 703 Bolt, the new units combine two functions into one, providing both monitoring and wireless video transmission into one single unit. For those of us working with gimbal rigs, doing lots of handheld, or who simply want to stick a small wireless monitor on top of our follow focus unit, this is going to be absolutely huge.  Saving yourself a set of cables, a set of power, the physical weight of two cases and mounts will be a tremendous benefit for most indie filmmakers. The big current drawback is that it's limited to HDMI (and in fact uses mini HDMI), which makes sense considering the price point (only $1299 each for transmitter and receiver!), but will limit the types of cameras that it is used with. But a single unit that is fully compatible with a sidekick at video village—one strapped on the camera and then another strapped to your follow focus—is an amazing combo.

Screen_shot_2018-04-06_at_8Credit: Small HD

Monitors are expected to start shipping May 31st. Check out SmallHD for more info.

Tech Specs

Focus OLED:

  • OLED w/ Touchscreen
  • Diagonal5.5"
  • Resolution1920x1080
  • Pixel Density (PPI)402
  • Aspect Ratio16:9
  • Brightness350 nits
  • Contrast60000:1
  • Color Gamut105% NTSC
  • Color Depth8-bit
  • Viewing Angle160 Degrees
  • Adjustable BacklightYes
  • 3G-SDI INPUTYCC 4:2:2 @ 10-bits: 1080p60, 1080p59.94, 1080p50, 1080i60, 1080i59.94, 1080i50
  • HD-SDI INPUT RGB/YCC 4:2:2 and 4:4:4, 1080p60, 1080i60,1080i59.94,1080i50, 1080p30, 1080p25, 1080p24, 1080p23.98, 1080pSF23.98, 1080pSF24, 1080pSF25 , 1080pSF29.97, 720p60, 720p59.94, 720p50
  • AudioStereo Out (headphones) via  Audio ⅛” Stereo mini-jack
  • 1x Sony L-Style Battery slot
  • (3.5mm outer, 1.1mm inner) power barrel output for powering cameras via camera specific adaptor.
  • USB1x Micro-USB for future use
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • StorageSD Card for Image Capture / Overlay, LUT Loading, Firmware Upgrades
  • WirelessCompatible with SmallHD BTR1 Wireless Remote
  • Voltage6.0 - 8.4V
  • Battery Capacity (mAh)2000mAh - 6300mAh
  • Operating Temperature32F to 140F
  • Height3.45" (8.76cm)
  • Depth/Length5.54" (14.07cm)
  • Weight (Packaged)4.17oz (118.22g)
  • Mount Points(3) ¼-20 thread points (top, bottom, & right side)
  • Pixel Zoom (type)2x & 4x with smooth pan via pinch zoom gesture
  • Frame GuidesPreset Aspect Ratios & Customizable
  • DSLR ScaleCanon 5DMkii & Canon 7D
  • Anamorphic De-Squeeze1.33x, 1.5x, 1.66x, 2.0x
  • Image Rotate(Manual/Automatic)Automatic or Manual Control
  • Image Flip (Manual/Automatic)Automatic or Manual Control
  • Focus Assist (Colors)User Adjustable Color Style and Intensity
  • PeakingUser Adjustable Intensity
  • False ColorSpectrum, Arri Style and Fully User Customizable
  • ZebraDual - User Configurable
  • WaveformLuma & RGB Style, Fully User Customizable w/ Region of Interest Highlighting
  • VectorscopeYes
  • RGB ParadeFully User Customizable
  • HistogramLuma & RGB Style
  • Image Capture With Dedicated Button and Image Gallery
  • Custom LUTSLoadable as Looks on Pages or as Systemwide Color Calibration via the settings menu
  • LUT DownstreamApplied on Output Preview Page
  • LUT ImportVia SD Card or USB Storage Device
  • Image OverlayOpacity Slider and Blink Setting
  • Audio MetersUp to 8 channel

    Mon-focus-bolt-rx_sl_02Credit: Small HD

    Mon-focus-bolt5-tx_lb_01Credit: Small HD

Focus Bolt RX/TX

  • IPS Touchscreen
  • 5" diagonal
  • Resolution1280x720
  • Pixel Density (PPI)294
  • Aspect Ratio16:9
  • Brightness800 nits
  • Gamut70% NTSC
  • Color Depth10-bit processing
  • Viewing Angle160 Degrees
  • Backlight TypeWhite LED
  • Adjustable Backlight 
  • 1x HDMI Input, Micro-HDMI Input
  • Delay Tx To Rx< 1mSec (0.001 sec)
  • Resolutions1080p60/59.94, 1080p/50, 1080i60/59.94, 1080i/50, 1080p30/29.97, 1080p24/23.98, 720p60/59.94, 720p/50, 480i60/59.94, 480p60/59.94, 576i50, 576p/50
  •  Visually lossless Video Compression
  • 48 kHz 24-bit PCM
  • Wireless Network5GHz, RF Channel Selection AFS (Automatic frequency selection)
  • AES-128 Encryption 
  • RF Power22dBm EIRP
  • 500' line of sight (or 500' LoS)
  • Power In1x Sony L-Style Battery slot
  • Power OutBarrel (3.5mm outer, 1.1mm inner) barrel output for powering cameras via camera specific adaptor.
  • USB1x Micro-USB for future use
  • 1x Sony L-Style Battery slot, 1x barrel connector for powering camera
  • Voltage6.0 - 8.4V
  • Power Consumption10.4W
  • Battery Capacity (mAh) 2000mAh - 6300mAh
  • Height3.3" (8.38cm)
  • Width1.18" (3.00cm)
  • Depth/Length5.25" (13.34cm)
  • Weight (Item Only without battery)9.2oz (260.82g)
  • Weight (Packaged)5oz (141.75g)
  • Mount Points(3) ¼-20 thread points (top, bottom, & right side)