One of the most popular adages in film and art that always seems to come up time and time again is “work smart, not hard.” Never has the advice been any more true than in this recent internet phenomenon featuring a Filipino filmmaker seemingly creating DIY 120 FPS slow-motion on a $500 DSLR camera.

It’s an impressive look into how everyone’s favorite internet meme - the Mannequin Challenge - can be creatively applied to some simple DIY filmmaking shooting and editing tricks to create some pretty spectacular results.

Shot by Youtuber KRIS GIDS on a Nikon D3300 at 60 fps, who writes: “Don't have camera that capable to capture super slow-motion like 120 fps? Then ask your Friend to slow down their movement or Freeze while you'r shooting and you can get Smooth slow-motion or Time Freeze effect on Post Process.”

This "bullet time" effect has been a DIY filmmaking favorite for years, but this one might take the cake. If you are interested, we've broken this technique down before here at No Film School, with these handy tutorials for Shooting a Bullet Time Action Shot With an iPhone & a StringMaking Your Own Portable DIY Bullet Time Rig, and Another DIY Bullet-Time GoPro Rig (This One's Handheld!).