We're always curious about what innovative filmmaker David Fincher is up to, and this project sounds particularly cool. 

Netflix continues to be active in the original content game, and this team-up between Fincher and Tim Miller is just the latest in a string of high profile projects coming our way on the streaming giant. 

Indiewire reported that the series is "being planned as an anthology collection of 18 episodes", and the concept art is certainly eye-popping: 

What are David Fincher and the 'Deadpool' Director Crafting at Netflix? - concept art

Fincher and Miller teaming up for an anthology series sounds creatively liberated. The runtime of each episode will range from 5 to 15 minutes, which opens up a lot of questions about the type of content, and what artists will get their work featured in it. 

The increasing popularity of the anthology format opens up more opportunities for original ideas and story arcs. If you've ever considered writing a spec anthology or even shooting one, strike while the iron is hot!

Source: Indiewire