Kickstarter: A New “HOOP” Ring Light That Stabilizes Your Camera

HOOP Kickstarter
Let’s check out this new Kickstarter project for a HOOP ring light stabilizer for your camera, action cam or smartphone.

Well, the logic is sound. Filmmakers love ring lights (whether it’s a nice CAME-TV rig or a DIY one you can make at home), and videographers love run-and-gun gimbal stabilizers (especially when combined with tips and tricks like these for cinematic motion).

So, why not marry the two together? Well, a new Kickstarter by “GoLapse” has done just that with their new HOOP ring light and gravity gimbal. Let’s take a look at this new product offering.

The World’s First Combo Ring Light and Gravity Gimbal

Another “world’s first” Kickstarter which we’ve found here on No Film School (also including the World’s First Titanium Tripod System, the World's First Professional GoPro Backpack, and the World’s First Live Streamed Series).

This time we get a “world’s first” combination between an LED ring light and a gravity gimbal which keeps your camera stable in the center. With HOOP, the combo is a pretty clever design and could be a helpful rig for some simple vlog setups.

HOOP options
The Kickstarter promises two seperate rig options, a HOOP Pro for DSLR and mirrorless cameras and a HOOP Mini for your action cams and smartphones. Both look to be quite lightweight and run-and-gun friendly with a nice attachable mount system and phosphor based LEDs.

The “GoLapse” team has also recently completed a Kickstarter for their line of motorized rails, so look to be ramping up production for both here soon. You can check out the HOOP Kickstarter here.

What are your thoughts on this new HOOP ring light / gravity gimbal combo? Let us know in the comments.     

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