Memory card technology looks to be dividing in two distinctly different directions.

On one hand we see manufacturer pushing the limits of storage capacity (as seen with SanDisk’s “world’s first” 1TB microSD card) while on the other end of the spectrum we see new ultra-fast memory cards like Sony’s new CFexpress Type B (CEB-G128) 128GB memory card which can reach read speeds up to 1700MB/s and write speeds of 1480MB/s.

Let’s take a look at this new ultra-fast - and ultra-tough as they say - CFexpress memory card and its optimized new card reader.

Ultra-Fast CFexpress Type B Memory Card


Designed for professional and industrial use, Sony’s new CFexpress Type B card features the latest interface, PCIe® (3) Gen3, standardized by the CompactFlash Association. The initial offering is at 128GBs, but 256GB and 512GB options are set to be unveiled soon as well.

With some of the fastest read and write speeds on the market (this new ultra-fast card is almost three times faster than Sony’s previous fastest iteration), the CEB-G128 is perfect for recording high-bitrate video and ultra-quick transfer speeds.

And, as the packaging bolds, the card is rough-and-tumble tough capable of withstanding 70N of force in bend and falls up to 5 meters. And, in case you need it for whatever godforsaken reason, it’s X-Ray proof, temperature proof, anti-static and has a UV guard.

CFexpress Card Reader

Sony Card Reader

To go along with the CFexpress Type B ultra-fast memory card unveiled by Sony, the brand has also announced the MRW-G1 - a new CFexpress card reader optimized for compatibility with the new ultra-fast memory cards. (As well as compatible with Sony XQD G-series and M-series cards as well.)

No exact details on price or exact availability yet, but both are expected to be released sometime over the summer in 2019.