Want to make money with some of the videos you have lying around on hard drives? Well, Adobe has a solution that might make you some scratch to put into your camera fund or, if nothing else, buy yourself a nice dinner.

Adobe is investing heavily in Firefly, its generative AI platform, after all the viral buzz of the controversial Sora videos.

But, as you can imagine, training generative AI in Firefly is actually pretty hard, especially with all the probable copyright claims that may come where generative AI programs get sued for using other people's work to train programs.

Adobe needs a way around that, so they're turning to you.

Bloomberg reports that Adobe is “offering its network of photographers and artists 120 dollars to submit videos of people engaged in everyday actions such as walking or expressing emotions including joy and anger, according to documents seen by Bloomberg. The goal is to source assets for artificial intelligence training, the company wrote.”

Adobe seeks over 100 short video clips showcasing everyday actions, emotions, basic anatomy (feet, hands, eyes), and people using objects like smartphones and fitness gear. Please avoid copyrighted material, nudity, or offensive content.

So, how much can you make?

The article says you can make $2.60 per minute for the submitted video, although it can range up to as much as $7.25 a minute.

Now, this may feel like you're training your own replacement... and it's hard to argue with that notion. Hopefully, AI will become a tool that skilled filmmakers are allowed to wield, and not one that takes their jobs.

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