Since being announced here at NAB 2024, Adobe’s new generative AI video tools have been one of the biggest topics of discussion at the NAB Show this year in Vegas. That’s because, regardless of your thoughts of AI in general, these “generative fill” type tools are already starting to reshape how not just video editing—but all types of content creation—are being done.

Since Adobe launched their Firefly AI model, we’ve known this day would come when these tools would make their way into their popular NLE.

So, with this revolutionary news just released, we were excited to sit down and chat with Adobe about these new generative AI video tools coming to Premiere Pro, as well as hear their thoughts as to how they believe AI will continue to shape the video editing and content creation landscape.

Adobe Talks AI at NAB 2024

In a conversation between our video coverage hosts at NAB Show 2024 Cinematography for Actors and Adobe representatives from their booth at this year’s conference, we got to pick Adobe’s brain a bit for more details about these coming generative AI video tools that are set to hit Premiere Pro beta.

Plus, we chatted more about Adobe’s push for better content authenticity, as well as how they see these generative AI tools evolving for video editors over the years, and how Premiere Pro in particular plans to stay at the forefront of this budding technology.

Check out our full conversation here below.

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