Premiere Pro is now in version 14.8, thanks to the latest update from Adobe. The latest iteration includes support to display and use any non-standard frame rate timecodes, updated color space and gamma changes for RED .R3D files, and other fixes that plagued the program. 

Since Adobe released version 14 of Premiere Pro, the company has been updating the software almost every month.

Some of the bigger updates include a new Production tool, support for ProRes RAW, handy quick export options, and an announcement that Adobe is developing support for Apple's M1. Adobe has told No Film School that updates will be happening with more frequency this year. 

While not as significant, Premiere Pro 14.8 improves in a variety of areas. Let's highlight them. 

Premiere Pro 14.8

  • Added support to display and use any non-standard frame rate timecodes, such as 120fps, 240fps, or VFR clips
  • The default working color space and gamma curve has been modified for all RED files. The new default is color space RedWideGamutRGB and gamma curve Log3G10
  • Performance improvements in H.264/HEVC encoding for TigerLake processors (11th generation Intel Core mobile processors)

Adobe has also fixed several known issues. 

Fixed Issues in 14.8 

  • Home Screen panels don’t resize correctly with high-resolution displays
  • Improved stability when quitting immediately from Home Screen
  • Marquee selection fails to select video track
  • Images are squeezed horizontally when scaled below 50% in non-square pixel aspect ratio sequence
  • Media Browser icons appear incorrect on macOS Big Sur
  • Block noises when importing some Canon MP4 files
  • The application may hang when changing playback setting to software only with ProRes RAW on macOS
  • DVCPro HD file fails to import

You can download the latest version of Premiere Pro through the Creative Cloud installer. To read more about the release notes, visit the Premiere Pro support page