Fresh on the heels of announcing some bold new generative AI video tools set to come to Premiere Pro here in the near future, Adobe is already making headlines once again with more major AI announcements.

This time, coming from Adobe MAX London, Adobe has debuted their new Firefly Image 3 Foundation model which promises to deliver even more photorealistic output with greater detail and accuracy, as well as with more advanced levels of control.

Adobe is also adding new advanced generative AI features to Photoshop (beta) including Generate Image and Generative Fill with Reference Image features. Let’s take a look at these new AI innovations and see how they might eventually make their way to video editing here soon as well.

Generative Fill with Reference Image

When Adobe first dropped its Generative Fill feature in Photoshop just about a year ago, it seemed like it was the biggest announcement in the history of AI. And, at the time, it certainly was as no other brand had made such a significant AI upgrade with such a practical feature.

However, to give some perspective to how much has changed in a year, while Generative Fill has still been a killer feature, it’s quickly been surpassed by a billion other AI advancements as well. Still, this new update does promise a great deal of improvement as this new Generative Fill will allow users to use reference images to deliver greater superpowers and significant new degrees of creative control for all Photoshop users.

This integration of Generate Image will shorten the distance between the blank page and AI-generated results so users at pretty much every skill level have the tools they need to jumpstart their projects.

Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model

The next major release in Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model is a new beta model that makes use of advanced state-of-the-art AI image generation which should bring new levels of creative expression and control to all.

Adobe touts that over 7 billion images have been created with Adobe Firefly since its launch in March of 2023 and that this new Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model architecture will power the growing set of generative capabilities in Photoshop—and most likely other apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects sometime in the future.

And, not to be too presumptive, but we did see this pipeline in action as many of the generative AI features that debuted for photos in Photoshop did eventually make their way to Premiere Pro, or are at least officially announced on the roadmap now.

The Future of AI for Adobe Products

Adobe has also shared that more AI tools will make their way to their Adobe Express platform to upgrade mobile workflows across content creation and marketing teams as these AI tools both look to scale up in sophistication, as well as downstream to even more creators.

We’re very likely to see even more advancements in generative AI technologies for all types of content creation, including video, announced here soon as—if anything—the pace looks to be picking up as of late rather than slowing down.