It’s that wonderful time of the year where thousands flock to Adobe’s largest conference and party to celebrate the brand’s dominance over the photo and video software world.

While Adobe Max can be a lot of fun and full of helpful seminars and panels for those looking to grow their skills, the real highlight is the Adobe Sneaks program which showcases the latest, and often most ambitious, projects which Adobe is finally ready to share with the world.

From this year’s Adobe Max we have lots to report and explore, but perhaps the most noteworthy so far is the news that Adobe is announcing new Generative Fill applications specifically for their video editing tools Premiere Pro and After Effects.

So, let’s take a look at this new “Project Fast Fill” and explore how it is set to bring the power of Firefly (Adobe’s AI product) to unlock human-prompted generative AI inside Adobe’s video editing tools.

Introducing Adobe Project Fast Fill

While we haven’t seen too much about this bombshell new feature just yet, rest assured we’ll all be surrounded by tutorials and rant and rave reviews of Adobe’s new generative AI capabilities soon enough. All we know so far is that this new tool is set to bring the power of Firefly generative AI to video for the first time.

Using the same technology which currently powers Generative Fill in Photoshop, as we’ve long speculated, Project Fast Fill will offer an early look at what human-prompted generative AI could enable inside Adobe video editing tools including Premiere Pro and After Effects.

We can assume that this Project Fast Fill will work much in the same way as Generative Fill to ease the addition, removal and expansion of content with simple Firefly-powered text prompts. Most likely unlocked as a subtle-use tool at first for short insert shots or sequences, but could very well lead to a bold new future of full generative AI video editing.

\u200bA look at Project Fast Fill in action

A look at Project Fast Fill in action


Export to Social in Premiere Pro

The other big news from Adobe Max specifically for video editing might be an export to social feature coming to Premiere Pro with native integration support for posting to TikTok. This will be in addition to Adobe’s existing support for Facebook, Vimeo, X (formerly known as Twitter), and YouTube.

All you’ll need to do now is log in to your video or social media accounts from right inside Premiere Pro (the new beta version) and you’ll be able to create your posts, add captions, hashtags, keywords, etc… and then upload them directly without ever having to leave Premiere Pro.

Here’s an overview of the new features and what you can publish to each platform:

  • TikTok (new!): You can now export your Premiere Pro video as a TikTok draft or publish directly to TikTok.
  • Facebook: Along with the existing ability to post to public pages, you can now publish your Premiere Pro videos directly to Facebook pages.
  • YouTube: In addition to the existing capability to publish your videos directly from Premiere Pro to YouTube, you can now do the same to create YouTube Shorts.
On top of Premiere Pro, customers can also schedule and directly publish videos to TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, and Pinterest all within Adobe Express—Adobe’s all-in-one app for fast and easy social media creation.

Other Updates for Video Editing

While we’ll likely have more to share about all of these updates coming out of Adobe Max once the conference is done and wrapped up, here are the rest of the highlights coming to the video editing tools that Adobe currently has on its roster including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and

  • AI-powered Text-Based Editing improvements in Premiere Pro and Roto Brush in After Effects are now generally available, putting more creative power in the hands of users to experiment, ideate, and create in new ways.
  • The debut of Share for Review with in Adobe’s digital video and audio tools where Premiere Pro’s “Share” button will now intuitively introduce Premiere users to with the click of a button for faster content sharing and collaboration.
  • Additional innovations include a massive 5x timeline performance advancement in Premiere Pro for faster and smoother editing, new color preferences, and improved tone mapping to make it easier to get great color in addition to dozens of other requests from the creative community.

Be sure to stay tuned as we share the rest of the news and highlights as we dive deeper into these new generative AI features coming to Premiere Pro and After Effects.