Atomos has partnered with another company to bring Apple ProRes RAW recording to filmmakers. This time it's the Sigma fp, one of the smallest full-frame mirrorless cameras capable of recording 4K video. The move will allow the fp to capture Apple ProRes RAW via the Atomos Ninja V over HDMI.

But the biggest question is when will it be available? More on that later. 

ProRes RAW is a codec from Apple that saves the highest amount of sensor data possible and has no video processing baked into the image. The algorithm creates much smaller video file sizes than uncompressed RAW while still retaining an enormous amount of latitude. This gives filmmakers an advantage when it comes to color grading or extending the brightness or shadow detail of an image. 


The Sigma fp is already capable of recording another RAW format, CinemaDNG, either 8-bit internally or 12-bit externally. However, CinemaDNG is a processor hungry codec when it comes to post. Sigma including Apple ProRes RAW should be seen as a welcomed addition to filmmakers.

Both ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ will be supported at 4:2:2 8-bit over HDMI. Recording formats of 4K DCI up to 24p, 4K UHD at 30p, and full-HD at 120fps will all be available. 

For those familiar with the Sigma fp or have read our hands-on or review articles, already know the current fp firmware doesn't offer 4K DCI recording. This has now changed with version 2.00, which is free to download via Sigma's support page. Among other updates, the firmware unlocks Apple ProRes RAW, 120p recording, HDR recording, and will add a record option while using the Sigma's optional Director's Viewfinder. 

It's worth noting here Sigma is listening to its customers. The comments on the hands-on article suggested that Sigma should support Apple ProRes RAW and 4K DCI recording. The company has now done both. Additoinally, the Ninja V will be able to record 422 ProRes and DNx video up to 4K 30p and 120p via the 8-bit HDMI output on the Sigma fp. ProRes RAW or standard video files can be recorded to a AtomX SSD mini SATA drive in the Ninja V. 


So when will it be available?

Potentially this summer barring any setbacks to Atomos releasing an AtomOS update for the Ninja V. Panasonic LUMIX DC-S1H users know all too well what it's like to have the rug pulled out from underneath them when Atomos delayed the camera receiving ProRes RAW. So No Film School is going to take this announcement with a grain of salt. For now, Sigma fp users can start taking advantage of the updates in firmware version 2.0.