The theme for lighting at NAB was color, color, and here you go, have some more color. Aputure’s new LS 600c Pro was no exception, as was the Orion 675 FS from Prolycht. 

But during its reveal event for the new 600 series fixture, Aputure also gave us a look at two new lights. Although much smaller in size and output, they still felt right at home with the theme. 

We got some hands-on time with these new additions during NAB 2022. Here’s what we discovered.

Aputure MC Pro TopMC Pro (prototype)

Enter the Aputure MT Pro and MC Pro

Both lights are part of the M-Series lineup of small and versatile lights. The MC Pro is an upgrade of the MC RGBWW Mini LED but offers some pro features not available in the original model.

The MC Pro is a tad brighter with a 7W output, with Aputure stating that it’s 3x brighter than the original. That’s 1,346+ lux at half a meter. You get a 45° Beam Angle with a CCT range between 2000K to 10,000K CCT Range. 

A magnetic accessory mount provides easy attachment for all sorts of diffusion. This includes the flat diffuser, curved diffuser, and 30° honeycomb grid.

Aputure MC Pro w/o DiffusionPrototype MC Pro w/o Diffusion

The MT Pro, however, seems to be a new addition entirely in a tube-like design. It provides the same 7W RGBWW full-color output as the MC Pro, the same CCT range, but with 597+ lux at half a meter. 

While it’s dimmer than the cell phone-sized counterpart, the MT Pro comes with 36 individually controllable pixels, with a 105-minute battery life at max power. 

Both lights match the Aputure’s Nova Panel Lights and the new LS 600c Pro. You also get Lumenradio CRMX Control to control the lights from a distance.

Aputure MT ProAputure MT Pro (Prototype)

The Bad News

The MC Pro and MT Pro weren’t ready for primetime just yet, but the Aputure crew decided to give us “one more thing” during their event. This means there isn’t a concrete release date for the smaller lights, and what we saw were late-stage prototypes. 

But from what we did see, we were pleasantly surprised. The lights are compact but bright, and offer full RGB with a slew of accessories to match. Lighting a scene will never feel the same with lights like these. 


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