ARRI has released a software update for its ALEXA LF cinema camera that fixes the behavior of the MAGNIFICATION indication. With version SUP 4.3, instead of orange lines, MAGNIFICATION icons will appear their place to the right of the image area. The update also improves compatibility with ARRI Rental DNA and Cooke /i lenses


The MAGNIFICATION feature on the ALEXA LF helps set a persistent magnification for each of the four monitoring outputs paths (EVF and MON OUT 1, 2 and 3) found on the camera. It allows the image size to be adjusted for each EVF and monitor. The values can be set from 100% to 200% for each monitoring path individually or they can be overridden globally. 

User settings can be stored for each output and for each sensor mode. So if you're shooting OpenGate and 16:9, settings can be stored for both sensors modes saving time on set.

With SUP 4.3, if more image area is recorded than is visible, it will be indicated by an icon in the status overlay for the respective output instead of an orange line. An orange outline will still indicate ZOOM. It's important to note the MAGNIFICATION feature works for 1.5G HD MON OUT, not for 6G UHD MON OUT.

ARRI is planning to release the same update for the ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA 65 in the future. To update to SUP 4.3, the separate ALEXA LF 3.0 software and hardware upgrade is required. It's a free update performed by ARRI and replaces the ADCA3 electronics board for a ACD4 board. 

SUP 4.3 can be found on ARRI's support page