With support from Frame.io's Camera to Cloud workflow, Atomos has released two devices that have been making some serious waves. In a few days, they may even be the star of the show.

The Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect are setting their sights on connecting personnel and camera technologies, no matter the size of the production. Filmmakers and content creators alike will be able to film, transcode, and upload footage that is accessible in the cloud for everyone on the production to collaborate worldwide.

Atomos Connects with Frame.io

The Atomos Connect is a network accessory that attaches to the Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+. Both recorders are robust monitor/recording options that provide ProRes RAW options for a slew of cameras. The Shogun Connect, however, is a completely new monitor, and Atomos designed it to be an all-in-one production solution with network technology built right in.


Thanks to Atomos' partnership with Frame.io, the footage is shared automatically for producers, crew, and post-production personnel anywhere in the world. Both the Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect will capture a high-resolution "hero" clip plus a "proxy" clip that's easier on the bandwidth, with the same file name and timecode. 

The hero clip can be recorded in Avid DNxHR/HD or Apple ProRes with all devices (including the Connect for Ninja V). But if you want ProRes RAW, you'll need the Shogun Connect or Atomos Connect Ninja V+. The proxy clips are in the HEVC (H.265) codec, resulting in very nice-looking footage, despite its proxy status.

The proxy clips are uploaded to Frame.io via Atomos' new progressive file transfer technology, even as footage is being captured. No matter where the post team is based in the world, they will be able to start working on a rough cut edit as filming takes place. Speed is everything, especially when filming, editing, and delivering on tight deadlines, and the Atomos partnership with Frame.io helps with that.

Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect at a Glance

The Atomos Connect for Ninja V and Ninja V+ is ideal for professional, mirrorless, DSLR, and other cameras, and features a 12G SDI interface to connect to pro cameras.

Atomos_connect_-_smATOMOS CONNECT

It also includes Atomos AirGlu for wireless timecode to synchronize all cameras, WiFi 6, different power options, Gigabit ethernet, and Bluetooth LE capabilities.

It will be available for pre-order soon for $399 USD/EUR, and is expected in June 2022.

Shogun_connect_back-frame_0SHOGUN CONNECT Back

The Shogun Connect combines RAW recording and HDR monitoring plus advanced cloud and network workflows. It features a bright 7-inch HDR screen (2000 nits), 12G SDI in and out for SDI RAW, Atomos SYNC timecode technology to easily and seamlessly synchronize all cameras, WiFi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth LE, USB C, and multiple power options.

It will also be ready for pre-order soon at an MSRP of $1,299 USD/EUR, with expected delivery in the middle of 2022.

Bringing Productions Together

Both devices are solid alternatives for filmmakers and creatives at all budget levels. With productions still struggling to work efficiently in a post-pandemic world, Atomos is making the necessary steps to get us all back to shooting.

To learn more about both the Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect, visit Atomos' website.


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