Fresh on the heels of Blackmagic Design announcing a decently major beta 3 update for DaVinci Resolve 19, BMD is back with some more new functions and features for their popular smartphone filmmaking app. Since first being announced last fall, the Blackmagic Camera app has received quite a bit of fanfare—as well as several updates already.

However, this latest update promises some new features and functions, like added support for Blackmagic Cloud organizations as well as support for recording off-speed video clips. Plus, as we covered with update version 1.3, Blackmagic has also added other new features like audio monitoring with connected earphones and rack focus controls, that are worth checking out too if you missed them.

Let’s check out everything new coming to Blackmagic Camera 1.4.

Blackmagic Camera App Update 1.4

The update version 1.4 includes several new features and fixes, plus added support for a good deal of filmmaking-friendly updates. The big headlines are the added support for Blackmagic Cloud organizations and off-speed video clip recordings.

There are also some new frame guides, safe areas, and grid overlay features that should be quite helpful, along with the aforementioned audio monitoring functionality. All told, these updates should make the Blackmagic Camera app even more useful for those looking to make the most of their iPhone (or Android) smartphone filmmaking projects.

Here are all of the new features and fixes:

  • Support for Blackmagic Cloud organizations.
  • Support for recording off-speed video clips.
  • Support for enabling frame guide, safe area and other options on HDMI output.
  • Support for 2.76:1 frame guide overlay.
  • Swipe right to dim the screen when recording.
  • Ability to customize grid overlay opacity.
  • Addressed issue where audio input source could automatically be reset to None in some cases.
  • Addressed incorrect image preview when anamorphic de-squeeze option is enabled.

How to Download and Update

As always (and hopefully forever) the Blackmagic Camera app is free to download at the Apple App Store, or directly on Blackmagic’s website here.