CAME-TV just announced the new "version 2" of their popular power 3-in-1 power station model, changing the game for your on set power needs. In a cinch for extra charging ports for your DIT station and also want to be a true bud to your fellow camera department in the process? This is might just rock your world.

The CAME-TV 2 3-in-1 power station includes a myriad of handy features, starting with what made model one so popular with the dual V-mount battery charger, now adding a power station and power strip. If you've ever need extra ports that the genny just can't give, this power station is already a practical blessing in-and-of itself.

Let's explore some more features below.

CAME-TV 2 Features

Extra ports is extra ports, so already pretty cool. With the added V-mount power station here are all the cool features that are included as well:

  • A status screen
  • One 65W USB-C power output
  • Four USB-A (5V/2.1A) ports
  • Two 12V/3A DC output ports with 5.5mm barrel connectors
  • Two D-Tap 14.4V/10A power output ports
  • Two AC sockets 110V/220V
  • One USB-C 65W max
  • Four USB-A
  • Two DC 12V, 3A
  • Two D-Tap 14.4V, 10A
  • Plus an LED light and storage pull out for good measure

Our Thoughts?

As someone who has had to share and struggle to acquire charging ports for DIT, as well as had to run batteries in tricky places, the CAME-TV 2 seems like a very handy and practical asset for any set. Clearly made with the user in mind with its versatility and seemingly pretty portable (I haven't held it but it looks holdable).

Not to mention the additional selling point for at-home use if you're just looking to charge a bunch of stuff all at once the day before a shoot (or for fun!)

CAME-TV Dual V-Mount Battery Charger, Power Station and Power Strip 3-in-1

This power station is not only an inverter, capable of converting one or two 14.4V V-mount batteries into AC output, but also features multiple interfaces for easy connection to different devices.

$$298.00 USD