Canon, what are you doing? With less than a month or two to go until the new Canon EOS R3 is set to be released, Canon still has yet to confirm exact specs as to… you know… what this camera is going to be packing.

Which is a bit odd, as the Canon R3 certainly hasn’t been held under wraps. In fact, we’ve gotten some of our first hands-on reviews as early as two months ago (read our full write-up from these first hands-on looks here).

Still, with reports of the Canon R3 being set to drop here in September 2021, possibly at, or in lead up to, NAB 2021, you’d think we’d at least know a bit about the sensor and resolution. 

What Sensor Will the Canon R3 Have?

Previous reports (as we’ve shared here on NFS) have listed the new Canon R3 as containing a 30.1MP sensor. This would slot the R3 in comparably with the EOS 1DX Mark III, as well as a slight step down from the impressive flagship EOS R5 with its massive 8K-capable 45MP sensor.

Yet, these new latest rumors which come to us from Canon Watch make it sound like the Canon R3 sensor appears to be getting even smaller.

We’re now looking at a 24MP sensor for the R3.

What Else Do We Know?

Well, at this point, not much, apparently. A 30.1MP R3, which was said to be an “auto-focus powerhouse,” and with “in-lens and IBIS stabilization capabilities that could add up to 8 extra stops of light capturing ability in low-light situations,” sounded quite appealing.

However, while not to say that downgrading the sensor to 24MP will significantly impact any of these promises, it does mean that the R3 might end up being a cheaper, and less powerful, alternative to the 1DX, rather than a true sister camera option.

Canon R3Credit: Canon

Specs, Pricing, and Availability

It also leaves many of the specs up in the air as to what the Canon R3 will truly be capable of. It does feel at least safe to assume that 4K video recording will at least remain—as that’s pretty much the floor these days for any digital video offering.

However, what that 4K might look like might have to be in question now. We’ll also have to wait and see if all these specs via Canon Watch, which have been floating around for months, will hold up as well. 

  • 24MP backside illuminated image sensor (or 45MP or 30.1MP—resolution is not confirmed yet)
  • Multi-Controller & Smart Controller
  • Vari-Angle Touch Screen
  • NEW accessory shoe
  • Wifi 5GHz
  • High speed 30fps electronic shutter with AF/AE tracking + RAW shooting at this speed
  • AF down to -7.0 EV
  • 8 Stops Coordinated Control IS with Optical IS and In-Body IS
  • 4K Canon Log3​
  • Oversampling 4K
  • Internal RAW video
  • Inclusion of cars and motorbikes in AF tracking technology
  • RAW internal movie recording
  • Speedlite shooting with electronic shutter
  • The same weather sealing as the EOS-1D series
  • LP-E19 Battery
  • Dual card slot SD & CFExpress

I will say, as a fan of Canon cameras in the past, and as someone who overall thinks a crowded, innovative, and competitive market is good for the film and video industry, hopefully this downgrade news just means that the price for the R3 will be in line with the competition—as well as possibly open the door for other new camera announcements to quickly follow.

How do you feel about the Canon R3, though? Are you excited for a new 24MP sensor? Or are you waiting for something else to drop?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Canon Watch