Today, we're diving into a treasure trove of hilarity with a list of 75 comedy movie prompts.

These ideas are perfect for sparking your creativity, whether you're a budding screenwriter, a filmmaker looking for your next big project, or just someone who loves dreaming up funny scenarios.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to embark on a journey filled with laughs, quirky characters, and uproarious situations that could only exist in the wild world of comedy movies.

Let's dive in.

75 Comedy Movie Writing Prompts

  1. A time-traveling comedian who accidentally changes historical events with their jokes.
  2. A group of friends accidentally win a fortune but have to spend it in 24 hours.
  3. A mismatched pair of private detectives on the trail of a bizarre mystery.
  4. A family road trip that goes hilariously wrong at every turn.
  5. A struggling musician wakes up to find they're the only one who remembers the Beatles.
  6. A high school reunion that turns into a wild treasure hunt.
  7. A talking dog becomes the mayor of a small town.
  8. Aliens land on Earth and try to understand human humor.
  9. A super-serious spy paired with a bumbling, talkative partner.
  10. A ghost trying to solve their own murder mystery.
  11. A magical remote control that controls the real world.
  12. A group of retirees form a rock band.
  13. A workplace comedy set in a superhero agency.
  14. A family inherits a haunted, yet comical, mansion.
  15. A mockumentary about the world’s worst sports team.
  16. A world where lying doesn’t exist until one man discovers how.
  17. An amateur chef accidentally gets entered into a gourmet cooking competition.
  18. A mistaken identity leads to an average Joe running for president.
  19. A zoo where the animals can talk and they plan a hilarious escape.
  20. A road trip to find a legendary, hidden amusement park.
  21. A wedding planner for supernatural creatures.
  22. A day in the life of a clumsy but lovable superhero.
  23. A buddy comedy about two rival gardeners.
  24. An underdog sports team of misfits and their journey to victory.
  25. A rom-com where a couple falls in love over a series of wrong number calls.
  26. A fantasy world where an unlikely hero is a bard with terrible music skills.
  27. A parody of famous detective stories.
  28. A comedy about a family of inventors where everything goes wrong.
  29. A time loop in a small town that leads to hilarious scenarios.
  30. A movie about the world's worst dog walker.
  31. A comedy where every character speaks in movie quotes.
  32. An office comedy about a company that sells ridiculous products.
  33. A mockumentary on the most dysfunctional local government office.
  34. A group of kids starting a business that gets surprisingly successful.
  35. A rom-com set in a world where everyone has a superpower, but the main character's power is extremely inconvenient.
  36. A group of friends accidentally start a viral dance craze.
  37. A story about the world’s most boring person who inadvertently becomes an internet sensation.
  38. A spy comedy where the gadgets have a mind of their own.
  39. A mockumentary about the most overly competitive neighborhood in America.
  40. A road trip movie where the main character is joined by a talking map.
  41. A comedy about a family’s first camping trip going absurdly wrong.
  42. A fantasy adventure where the hero is cursed to speak only in riddles.
  43. A sci-fi comedy about an alien trying to fit in at a high school.
  44. A rom-com about rival baristas.
  45. A sitcom-style movie about life in a quirky small town.
  46. A comedy about a writer who starts living the events they write in their novel.
  47. A heist movie parody with a crew of bumbling thieves.
  48. A mockumentary about a group of people who believe they are superheroes.
  49. A comedy about a group of ghosts trying to scare a too-calm new homeowner.
  50. A story of a forgotten holiday that a small town decides to celebrate in the most extravagant way.
  51. A feel-good comedy about a group of friends starting a band with no musical talent.
  52. A parody of disaster movies where everything that can go wrong, does.
  53. A mockumentary on the most bizarre family reunion.
  54. A rom-com about two rival food truck owners.
  55. A comedy about a struggling magician who accidentally makes people disappear for real.
  56. An adventure comedy about a treasure map found in a bottle of soda.
  57. A movie where a character can hear everyone's thoughts, but only when they sing them.
  58. A comedy about an amateur archaeologist uncovering a hilariously insignificant historical artifact.
  59. A group of friends try to start a business with a ridiculous concept.
  60. A comedy about a town where everyone is required to wear costumes every day.
  61. A sci-fi comedy about a group of aliens attending a human high school as part of an exchange program.
  62. A mockumentary about the world's most eccentric art gallery.
  63. A comedy about a theme park where the attractions come to life.
  64. A rom-com set in a world where everyone’s life is narrated by a voiceover.
  65. A comedy about a group of friends who accidentally get locked in a department store overnight.
  66. A parody of famous action movies, with an unlikely hero.
  67. A movie about a group of seniors who escape their retirement home for a wild adventure.
  68. A comedy about a medieval knight transported to the modern world.
  69. A story about a town that takes their neighborhood watch program too seriously.
  70. A rom-com about two people who meet while returning wrong Christmas gifts.
  71. A comedy about a group of kids who start a backyard space program.
  72. A mockumentary about a small town’s overly dramatic local theatre group.
  73. A comedy about a group of friends who accidentally book a vacation at a resort for superheroes.
  74. A movie where a character can only speak in social media hashtags.
  75. A family comedy about accidentally swapping lives with their neighbors.

Whether you found inspiration for your next screenplay, a fun idea for a short film, or just enjoyed a good laugh imagining these scenarios, we hope this list has brightened your day.

Remember, the world of comedy is limitless, and your unique perspective can bring any of these ideas to life in the most unexpected and entertaining ways.

Keep laughing, keep creating, and maybe one of these prompts will be the seed for the next big comedy hit.

So, go get writing.