For a while, the lookbook or bible for Jodorowsky's Dune was free online. And all seemed right in the world. But now, the collective that famously purchased the book and formed itself around it is looking to sell. 

Spice DAO (or "decentralized autonomous organization") will soon liquidate its treasury of $SPICE tokens and change its name to "Spice Club," then become a members-only outfit. To manage the expenses of all this, they are hoping to sell the Dune bible. 

The goal is to sell the book in the fourth quarter of 2023, around the release of the Denis Villeneuve film Dune: Part Two. If you are a $SPICE holder you might get a share of the money when all this sells, but for right now, details are not super clear on how much.

You can look into the exact details here

The Spice Club began as a project to buy Jodorowsky’s Dune bible. The members aimed to maintain the book and turn it into a movie... of a movie that already exists... and that didn't work out. And then the crypto market crashed. So who knows what's next.

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