If you are a beginner filmmaker who is afraid to receive feedback on your work, you may find you are operating within a bubble. Feedback is such a critical part of the process of becoming a better storyteller. We invite you to get out of that bubble and practice asking for and receiving feedback like a professional.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s Charles Haine, GG Hawkins, and Jason Hellerman discuss:

  • Crafting and curating your public persona
  • The standard number of pages your script should be
  • Wasting time arguing on social media
  • The power of admitting what you don’t know
  • Why you should ask for feedback early in your career
  • How to ask for feedback and how to receive it
  • Why you should never feel bad about asking people for feedback
  • Having practice feedback sessions with your friends
  • The overall importance of etiquette as a filmmaker

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