Coming off the raving reviews for Mank, David Fincher seems like he wants to make Netflix his home for a long time. It's easy to forget that Fincher hasn't made a project without Netflix since Gone Girl. Just to remind you, House of Cards, Mindhunter, and Mank are all coming from the top streamer. 

But now they have made the relationship official.

Speaking to the French magazine Premiere recently, Fincher revealed he’s signed an exclusive four-year deal with Netflix.

“Yes, I have an exclusivity deal with [Netflix] for another four years,” said Fincher. “And depending on Mank’s reception, I’ll either go see them sheepishly asking them what I can do to redeem myself or take the attitude of the arrogant asshole who’ll require making other films in black and white. [Laughs] No, I’m here to deliver them ‘content’—whatever it means—likely to bring them spectators, in my small sphere of influence.”

According to The Playlist, it's a massive nine-figure deal akin to the one DB Weiss and David Benioff signed. 

This kind of money puts a lot of pressure on creators. But Fincher doesn't seem too stressed.

He added, “Now [because] I signed this Netflix deal it’s also because I’d like to work like Picasso painted, to try very different things, to try to break the shape or change the operating mode. I like the idea of ​​having a body of work. And yes, I admit that it feels strange, after 40 years in this profession, to only have 10 films under my belt. Well, 11, but 10 that I can say are mine. Yes, objectively, it is a pretty terrifying observation.”

Personally, I hope Fincher is entering a prolific period where he feels free to make things his way, but only time will tell. 

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