10 Free AI Animation Tools: Bring Images to Life

In the fast-moving world of AI, it can be hard to keep up with all the new tools and apps being released day in, and day out. From exciting new automated greenscreen background removal processes to fully-powered text-generation, new AI innovations are being released all the time.

And while we’d like to keep up with every new app here ourselves (at the very least to keep tabs on which tools or features might be eventually replacing all of our film and video jobs), it can sometimes be helpful to rely on others to round up the best tools for a specific task.

In the world of AI, 2D still images have probably been the biggest and most popular type of AI generation. Yet, despite such proliferation, many of these apps don’t offer animation just yet. This means, if you’re interested in giving your AI-prompted images (or self-designed ones) that extra animated dimension, you’ll need to find a different AI tool.

Lucky for you, we have a list of the ten best AI animation tools which are free to try out today. Let’s dive in.

Getting Started with AI

Before we go through each tool featured in the video above from the Obscurious YouTube channel, let’s quickly go over some of the best apps and tools for AI image generation in general. From RunwayML to Midjourney, there have been several text-to-image or image-to-image AI tools that can create fascinating—and often surprisingly complex—images with their AI powers.

We should also mention that several of these apps are already beginning to experiment with video and animation as well, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the most popular generative AI tools will be fully capable of long-form video here in the future.

That being said, many of these bigger AI apps all require some sort of payment or token system to utilize after their free trials. So if you are looking for free AI animation software to start out with as you experiment with this new medium, these options below might be best.

The 10 Best Free AI Animation Tools

From the video above, here are ten options to consider for getting started with AI animation. Ranging from more familiar names like CapCut—which has been quite useful for video editing—to more indie-developed apps like Pika Labs, these are all great options to check out as you explore this space.

  1. LeiaPix
  2. CapCut
  3. Pika
  4. instaVerse
  5. Animated Drawings
  6. Genmo
  7. D-ID
  8. HeyGen
  9. SadTalker
  10. Kaiber

Along with the aforementioned CapCut and Pika Labs, we’d also highly recommend LeiaPix and InstaVerse as stand-outs from this list to dive into first. But overall they’re all solid options to consider.

What to Know About AI Animation

While all of the above options are indeed great to explore, they’re all going to be limited in different ways as AI animation is still very much in the early stages of development. You’re going to see a lot of the same issues across all the apps here to start.

From inconsistent renderings and that familiar “hazy” or “breathing” effect from the longer clips, the majority of these apps are going to focus on basic animation techniques and short clips to help hide the issues you’d see in larger and longer renders.

That being said, if you’re at all interested in this style of work, it can be super fun to explore. And it can honestly lead to some beautiful—and often viral—works of AI art.