Well, there it is. AI’s done it.

Pika Labs, which — as we’ve covered — has been one of the most promising generative AI video models in this artificial intelligence space has just unveiled their new Pika 1.0. This major product upgrade includes a new AI model capable of generating and editing videos in diverse and different styles such as 3D animation, anime, cartoon or even cinematic.

The concept of idea-to-video has been around for a “long time” in this AI space, but this appears to be a major step forward for this prompt format. And Pika Labs is going to advance this technology even further.

Let’s take a look at this new Pika 1.0 and explore how this idea-to-video platform works.

Idea-to-Video AI

Alright, while there’s a bit more to explore than just this idea-to-video part of this unveiling (like, for example, Pika Labs has also launched a whole new web experience for using their AI tech), let’s get to the big news here first and foremost.

While AI technology has indeed moved quite rapidly over the past few years (and really past few months), video has still been one of the biggest challenges for AI. From odd compositions to uneven and wavy renders, different AI models have struggled with creating video from various prompts.

However, as Pika Labs states on its site regarding this announcement, video has been a focus of their AI innovations as they aim to “enable everyone to be the director of their own stories and to bring out the creator in each of us.”

And by that, they mean simple, direct and easy text inputs prompting AI video generations limited only really by your imagination. You can see this new tech at work in the video below.

Pika Labs Unveils Pika 1.0

As part of this unveiling, Pika Labs has also announced a new fundraising milestone as they’ve now raised over $55 million from various venture partners and investors. Pika Labs also boasts an impressive roster of academic advisors from the likes of Stanford and Harvard as Pika Labs continue to push itself to the forefront of this budding AI community.

And, while only started six months ago, Pika 1.0 is a major release that is also ushering in a new web experience that promises to make AI easier than ever to use. If you’re interested, to get started you can join the waitlist for Pika 1.0 here.

AI Video Takes a Major Step Forward

Regardless of how you feel about AI and its progress into the world of video and animation, it’s hard not to see these new videos and not be impressed. Launched only six months ago, Pika 1.0 is the culmination of a lot of different synergies happening all at once in the world of AI.

And while these sample videos might be quite impressive indeed, we’re still hopeful that they won’t be replacing any jobs or creative careers just yet. However, at the rate that these new innovations are coming out, it does appear that AI video is going to be more viable with every new release.

Hopefully though, this technology will continue to develop as more of a creative tool rather than replacement mentality. But we’ll see.