If you are an emerging filmmaker who is not aware of the legalities involved in filmmaking, you should really consider hiring a lawyer. You may think you can’t afford a lawyer, but what you really cannot afford to do is remain in your ignorance.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with lawyer/indie film producer, Natalie LeVeck, to discuss:

  • Becoming a full-time entertainment lawyer and a part-time indie film producer
  • The difference between a manager, an agent, and a lawyer
  • Different types of lawyers and their roles
  • Why not having a lawyer is one of the worst things you can do
  • Why you should find a manager before finding a lawyer
  • Keeping quiet about your ideas so no one steals them
  • The most important deal of the entire film
  • Paying the writer a percentage versus a flat fee
  • All the things you need to save in your "Chain of Title" file
  • Getting your SAG deposit back
  • What you need to do when you first get the Distributor contract
  • Talent contracts and the clauses to include
  • Thinking about what’s important and not important to you
  • Talking to your attorney’s prior clients

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