If you wanted any proof that the action cam market is the tightest digital camera race going, all you’d have to do is look at the innovations in the newest cameras from Insta360.

Hot on the heels of GoPro Hero12, the Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro are bringing a lot of new features to the table.

With flip-up touchscreens, high-quality video, and a host of new AI-powered features and tools, these new action cameras should keep this market hot for quite some time as we excitedly wait to see what GoPro might come out with.

However, if you’re looking to grab an action camera right now, these might be two of the most attractive options out there.

Let’s take a look at the new Ace and Ace Pro action cameras from Insta360.

The New Ace and Ace Pro Action Cameras

While we’ll get more into the technical specs and AI features below, let’s go over some broad strokes for these two new action cameras. Powered by a new ACE CMOS image sensor, as well as sporting Leica-designed Summar IT lenses alongside 2.4” flip-up LED touchscreens, these new action cams should be more than capable for most action video needs.

Features at glance:

  • Capture up to 8K24 Action Footage
  • 1/1.3" 48MP Sensor, Active HDR Capture
  • 151° Wide-Angle Leica f/2.6 Lens
  • FlowState Stabilization, Horizon Lock
  • Voice & Gesture Control, 32' Waterproof
  • 2.4" Flip Touchscreen, 0.7" Front Screen
  • 90-Minute Runtime, Fast Charging
  • 2x Video & 2.5x Photo Digital Zoom
  • Directional/Stereo Audio, Wind Reduction
  • Multiple Selectable Video Modes

As you might expect, the Insta360 Ace Pro will be the more advanced of the two and the one we’ll focus on more in this article. It’s set to include a 1/1.3” CMOS image sensor and a 5nm chip that can provide up to 8K photo and video capture in a tiny action body. This can be mounted and carried anywhere when traveling, shooting action videos, or vlogging.

The non-Pro Ace option will be the more affordable, but can still pack a punch with a smaller 1/2” image sensor for capturing up to 6K video.

AI-Powered Featured

Still, perhaps the biggest selling point (or at least marketing point) to these new action cameras might be their new AI-powered features.

The AI at the heart of these action cameras will allow for denoising footage for a clearer image, enhanced brightness, instant video editing tools, and even a new generative AI warp feature that will be able to overlay dynamic visual effects on your videos.

“We’re making significant steps in AI, which has allowed us to bring in new features that we think not only make the video creation process easier for users but unlock completely new ways to make shots truly stand out,” said Insta360 founder JK Liu.

Along with these AI-powered features, the new action cameras will also include plenty of other tools, including gesture control, instant recording cancellation, two digital zooms with no loss of detail, and a photo grab feature for pulling high-resolution stills from your 4K video.

\u200bInsta360 Ace Pro AI features

Insta360 Ace Pro AI features


The Insta360 Ace Pro

Looking specifically at the specs, pricing, and availability for the Insta360 Pro, this 8K capable action camera from Insta360 should provide for up to 8K24 resolution and features an automatic HDR mode and superior low-light performance to capture vibrant, realistic color. The wide-angle lens was also developed with world-class lensmaker Leica and will allow you to capture up to a 151° field of view.

Insta360 ACE 8K Pro Action Camera

Capture all the action on the road, in the studio, or in the water with the ACE Pro 8K Action Camera from Insta360. This compact, easy-to-use action camera provides up to 8K photo and video capture in a tiny action body that can be mounted and carried anywhere when traveling, shooting action videos, or vlogging.



The battery should be long-lasting and will allow for 4K30 video for up to 90 minutes of runtime, and 1080p video for over two hours. Plus, with a built-in FlowState, it will be able to use a scene-detection algorithm to stabilize your shots, so they should come out more balanced and professional-looking.

With so many features heating up the action camera market, we're excited for the future. But for now, you have really great options from GoPro and Insta360 ready for your next project.