The popular action camera manufacturer, and noted GoPro competitor, Insta360 has—perhaps—quietly rolled out a rather sophisticated and usable desktop editing software that is out and free to use right now. Their Insta360 Studio, while obviously designed to give Insta360 action cam creators an easy-to-use editing solution for their action cam footage, has just rolled out some major updates.

And, while we’ll reserve judgment until we try it ourselves, and let you make your own decisions, it sure looks like Insta360 Studio is becoming more of an actual option for action cam creators, as well as—perhaps—others in the industry looking for a quick, easy, and free editing software option.

Let’s explore what’s new to Insta360 Studio.

Introducing Insta360 Studio

For those who might not have heard of Insta360 Studio, or those who use Insta360 action cams every day for their various sport and hobby adventure channels, Insta360 is the brand’s free desktop editing software. Its ideal use is to offer a safe and easy space for content creators to quickly and simply edit the footage that they record with their Insta360 cameras into clips that will be more usable for creators’ various social sharing and YouTube uploading needs.

It’s been a bit of a rudimentary editing tool since release that works for amateur content creators or those not looking to go deeper into the weeds of editing more thoroughly with apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.

However, all that might change—at least a bit—with this latest update.

The More Efficient and Improved Insta360 Studio

The biggest change coming to Insta360 Studio is the ability to combine clips into a single edit. This is part of the app's move from less of just a single video file cutter to more of a non-linear editor itself. Now you can add multiple clips to a timeline and adjust the order and trim as you see fit.

Insta360 is also adding other elements to their Studio that are also more in line with your standard NLE practices and functions, including:

  • Music: Import your own .mp3 files, or choose one of the songs from the free music library.
  • Text: Add fully customizable text animation and effects.
  • Transitions: Use pre-loaded transitions like camera movement, Tiny Planet, and more.

As well as other improvements in function and efficiency, also including:

  • Right-click to add keyframes – adding and adjusting a keyframe is now done with just one click.
  • Synced editing – import and edit files on the new Media page and changes will appear in both ongoing projects and the Temporary Media folder.
  • Speed Editor – customize the speed of clips on your timeline – you can also adjust the speed of multiple clips simultaneously.
  • Access frequently used media – add any video, photos (a Logo, for example), or music files that you often use to the new General Media folder so they are always available.

Price and availability

If you’re interested in trying out Insta360 Studio yourself, it’s of course free to download and use, is available for pretty much all Windows and macOS devices, and is compatible with all Insta360 action cameras.

You can download the update and try it yourself on Insta360’s site here.