The ending of Killers of the Flower Moon takes a particularly meta turn, positing director Martin Scorsese in a radio play about the events of his film within the film (phew). It's a bold choice stirring lots of discussion.

Sunday night Scorsese spoke at an Apple Films panel event where he addresses the unexpected ending and his choice to do so in a touching moment of self reflection.

Scorsese said, "All this tragedy ends up as a radio show for entertainment, and as I’m making the picture I realize, too, we’re making entertainment. Therefore the last words had to be spoken by me, taking on the culpability of being part of a culture that is complicit."

It's a challenge for storytellers to be better, and admirable to see a director with such a prestigious, influential ouevre examine his place in a Hollywood he helped create.

Transparency and self reflection in Hollywood? Let us know what you think of that in the comments.