Unreal Engine has already made a huge impact on how stories are being told. Whether it be the cutting-edge technology used on The Mandalorian, influencing visual effects, being touted as the future of cinematography, or making sci-fi on a budget, the platform is the latest need-to-know for filmmakers.

Epic Games has announced Unreal Fest Online, a free virtual event taking place on Tuesday, July 14, 2020. The single-day event will have over 50 sessions including live Q&A and an attendee lounge for networking. Panels will cover 5 different content tracks, including film and television.

One session you shouldn't miss is Work From Home Virtual Production from Matt Workman, as well as the Epic Games session on using Unreal Engine for animation. If Unreal Engine is new to you, be sure to attend the Unreal Engine for Next-Gen Games session, presented by Epic Games’ Nick Penwarden, Marcus Wassmer, and Jerome Platteaux.

Media and Entertainment

  • Work From Home Virtual Production (Matt Workman)
  • Using Unreal Engine for Linear Animation (Epic Games)
  • The Future of Real-Time Broadcast Graphics (Zero Density)
  • Bootstrapping Live Action Real-Time In-Camera VFX for Indie Filmmakers (Treehouse Digital)
  • The Making of ‘His Dark Materials’ (Painting Practice)


    Crash Course: An Introduction to Unreal Engine (Epic Games)
    Quixel Mixer Workflow and Applying Megascans in a Virtual World (Quixel)
    How to Use Blender with Unreal Engine (Epic Games)
    Diving into Niagara: Intelligent Particle Effects (Epic Games)
    Collect, Analyze, and Visualize Your Data with Unreal Insights (Epic Games)


    Building Worlds in Fortnite with Unreal Engine (Epic Games)
    The Evolution of Real-Time VFX with Unreal Engine’s Niagara (Epic Games)
    Optimizing and Building AAA UI in Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI Designer (Rocksteady Studios)
    Porting The Sinking City to Nintendo Switch (Frogwares)
    A Deep Dive into a Cross-Platform Build Farm (Natural Motion)


    Visual Fidelity with Ray Tracing (Epic Games)
    A Deep Dive into the Key Components of a Product Configurator (Audi)
    Exploring the Ford Mustang Mach-E: the Real-Time Future of Automotive Visualization (Burrows)
    A Fully Immersive Driving Simulator for Autonomous Vehicles (Warwick Mfg Group)


    Real-Time Ray Tracing for Architectural Visualization (Epic Games)
    Crash Course: An Introduction to Twinmotion (Epic Games)
    Transforming Archviz at KPF with Unreal Engine and Twinmotion 2020 (Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates)
    BIM-Integrated VR with Unreal Engine (Epic Games)

The full schedule can be downloaded here. To register for the free event, jump on over here. If you cannot make a session, Unreal Engine will post them on its YouTube channel at a later date.

Source: Unreal Engine