The Atlas Orion series features anamorphic lenses with 2x squeeze. Including focal lengths from 32mm to 100mm, each of the six lenses in the family tout a fast T2.0 aperture, cover Super 35mm sensors up to a 31mm image circle, share the same 114mm front diameter, and have standard 0.8m gears for follow focus systems.

While not the cheapest on the block, they're more affordable than some of the higher-end cinema glass, as each focal length comes in around $9,000, which are similarly priced to the Xelmus Apollo anamorphic lenses. 

Atlas_orion_se1Credit: Atlas Lens Co.

Atlas has now introduced the Orion Silver Edition to the mix, a limited edition run that's based on the same mechanical design and focal lengths of the original series, but with different optical tuning.

What separates the Silver Edition, according to Atlas, is that the neutral flare characteristics take on the color of the surrounding light source.

So instead of the blueish-green flares we're accustomed to seeing with anamorphic lenses, the Silver Edition mimics the ambient light. If you're shooting with warmer tungsten lighting, the flares will produce warmer flares. Cooler light, cooler flares.

Additionally, the spacing between the lens elements has been adjusted to provide a different focus fall-off from the original lenses. 

The Silver Edition is only available in a set form and includes a 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, and 100mm all at T2.0. Like the original Orion series, the Silver Edition is designed for Super 35 image capture, but with the Atlas 1.6x LF Extender, the lenses can cover larger format sensors like the ARRI LF, Sony VENICE, and RED Monstro. 

Atlas states that it's only making 100 of the Silver Edition sets. The price for the six focal lengths is $89,000, which breaks down to about $14,800 per lens. The purchase of the lenses comes two ATA cases to store the pricey glass.

Hopefully, a few rental houses consider adding them to their inventory, as the cost is out of reach for most indie filmmakers. 

You can find more about them over on the Atlas Lens Co. website