Apple announced yesterday that the new Mac Pros would now be available to order, which is great news for those who planned to purchase the system's tower version. However, for those who had their hearts set on a rack configuration, you might've noticed a little roadblock on the Apple site, which listed rack mounts as "coming soon."

If you're unfamiliar with the different Mac Pro configurations—or were unaware that they even had multiple ones to choose from—the rack mount has all the same specs as the tower, including 8-28 cores, Intel Xeon W processor, and 32GB-1.5TB of memory, but has a tailored design that can accommodate rack deployment in professional editing spaces.

And that configuration, which features repositioned stainless steel handles, tool-less slide rails, and airflow-maximizing 3D lattice, does come at a cost. The rack mount costs $500 more than the Mac Pro tower, bringing its retail value up to a whopping $6499.


So, how long will it be until we'll see the Mac Pro rack mount configuration available on Apple's website? Well, as we reported back in November, Apple promised to deliver both models by fall, and since fall ends December 21st, it'd be safe to say that we'll be seeing it in the next couple of weeks.