We’ve been having the same debate now for well over a year about the pros and cons of artificial intelligence. AI is good for some reasons, but it’s also potentially bad for others. Even the federal government is struggling to figure out what side it's on.

Yet, as the tides of opinion continue to shift, we do want to do our diligence to report some of the more helpful AI tools when they pop up. This new ColorClone, a plug-in created by FilmaticAI, does indeed look to be a useful AI tool that can help match footage from different cameras.

Set to be available for both DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro, let’s take a look at this new AI plug-in and explore how it might be a solid option for you and your video editing and color grading workflow.

Camera Matching and Color Grading

Now, we’ve all been there. You’re shooting a video for a project and you simply need to use different cameras. Those cameras might be quite similar (like a Blackmagic URSA combined with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera perhaps), or they might be drastically different (like a Canon C300 and a DJI Mini drone). Or, even worse, you might be sent footage to use in your edit that you have honestly no idea what it was shot on.

Regardless of how you find yourself in this predicament, the task of camera and color matching footage can be quite arduous to say the least. It requires lots of painstaking time creating separate corrections and grades that you have to apply to tons of different clips.

Well, if AI is going to be useful for anything, it’s going to be in these labor-intensive tasks. And that’s where the ColorClone plug-in from FilmaticAI comes in.

FilmaticAI ColorClone

While there have been similar apps that offer much of the same things in the realm of camera-matching, it’s nice to see both new and old brands enter this space and apply AI to the equation to make the process even faster and more streamlined.

FilmaticAI’s ColorCone is a new plug-in that uses an advanced algorithm that takes into account several different color element factors, including light spectrum, exposure, camera angle, and overall sensor dynamics.

Founded by filmmakers, the plug-in is designed to speed up your editing process by allowing users to create camera matches by shooting color cards and then importing them into the learning algorithm—which itself is continuously learning and being updated—to create 3D LUTs automatically.

At launch, ColorClone features some cameras and profiles ready for editors to use right away, including:

  • ARRI (Alexa 35, Alexa Mini LF, Alexa Mini)
  • Blackmagic (Pocket Cinema Camera 4K)
  • Sony (Venice 1, Venice 2, FX3, FX6, FX9)
  • RED (Komodo, V-Raptor)
  • Kodak Vision 3 (500T 5219 Film Negative, 250D 5207 Film Negative)

With more additions set to come soon.

Credit: FilmaticAI

Price and Availability

If you’re looking to check out this new ColorClone tool today, we do have to report that the plug-in is still currently in development.

However, versions for both DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro are set to release here soon and should be available on FilmaticAI’s website here.