Action filmmakers were plenty excited in March when Sony entered the action-cam world in a big way with the their upgraded Sony RXO II action camera. 4K video (at 30fps), image stabilization and a flip-up screen were a few features. And most importantly for an action camera, it has solid specs on being water/shock/dust/crushproof.

But as filmmakers, we’re getting used to including anamorphic in all levels (and budgets) of our video arsenal these days. So when a new gadget comes out that doesn’t have the ability to adapt, it’s a little disappointing.

Enter Moondog Labs.

Moondog Labs were one of the first to create an anamorphic lens for iPhone, which they built from the ground up on a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013. Two years later, Sean Baker's iPhone shot Tangerineexploded on the scene. Baker had used 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter from Moondog Labs to shoot it.

“The number one thing we strive to do is listen to our customers" - Moondog Labs Co-founder Scott Cahall

According to co-founder and chief designer Scott Cahall, the team decided to make the mount and cage because they had been listening to filmmakers. “The number one thing we strive to do is listen to our customers. Filmmakers asked for a way to use the anamorphics they love on even more cameras. We’re excited to see what they create,” he said.

The Cage for RX0/RX0ii


Here’s a video with the specs and a look at the cage. According to the other co-founder Julie Gerstenberger, the cage was designed to have the most comprehensive features to suit the widest range of accessories that filmmakers might need. Take a look:

To recap, a few highlights of the cage:

  • open areas around the cage for access to the battery
  • spots for power and capture buttons accessible on top
  • clearance on the back designed to let RXo back screen to be flipped
  • ARRI accessory mount for ARRI rosette for handle or other gear
  • ARCA-Swiss compatible dovetail
  • 4 positions for flexible cold shoe mount
  • lots of 1/4”-20 mounting holes for anything else

The Lens Mounting Kit for RX0/RX0ii


The lens mount can work with the cage of by itself. There are two features of the mounting plate:

  • a 37 - 52mm step-up ring for filters
  • 37mm thread on the front for attachment of say, Moondog’s 1.33x Anamorphic lens

Here is some early footage of the RX0ii with a Moondoglabs anamorphic adapter and ND filter. See what you think:

Plenty of filmmakers want to get as cinematic as possible with the Sony RX0/RX0ii, so this could be a massive upgrade. 

Check out more info from Moondog Labs here.

Do you have a Sony RX0/RX0ii? Would anamorphic and other accessory capabilities be a game changer for your footage? Share your experiences in the comments.