Everything in the world of film and video is becoming smarter. Machines are learning, artificial intelligence is improving at a crazy rapid rate, and now even our lens focus kits are using Bluetooth and LiDAR technology to track subjects and automatically adjust your focus for you.

Pretty soon humans won’t be needed at all for video production, right?

Let’s hope not. But, for those who aren’t afraid of using all of these smarter technologies to streamline their video production workflows, let’s take a look at this new LIVE AIR 3 Smart LiDAR wireless focus lens control kit from PDMOVIE and see how it might assist on your projects.


What’s cool about this LIVE AIR 3 Smart lens control kit is, of course, the smart LiDAR motor which features fast and accurate controls using its Bluetooth wireless remote controller. When it is hooked and charged up, this smart focus kit can fully track your subjects and automatically adjust focus as they move around.

While plenty of other lens focus kits offer this ability, the LIVE AIR 3 Smart’s LiDAR powered motor should be about as precise and accurate as possible with any tech out there on the consumer market at this point. As part of a full kit, you should have all of the controllers, chargers, rods, rings, and mounting clamps that you’d need to get set up with this tool right away.

An Intelligent Focus Motor

At the core of this LIVE AIR 3 Smart is its MOTOR SMART Mini Intelligent Focus Motor, which can provide quick and accurate remote focus control with this aforementioned LiDAR technology. The unit itself integrates a radio receiver, power supply, and motor in its own self-contained package specifically for these remote focusing needs.

The MOTOR SMART Mini can perform these auto scan and track functions from a range up to 16.4” as it adds an autofocus function to your manual focus lenses. You can also store lens travel ranges for up to five lenses if you want to hot-swap between lenses while on set, too.

PDMOVIE LIVE AIR 3 Smart LiDAR Wireless Focus Lens Control Kit (Basic)

Overall, it’s cool to see more and more products coming out which make use of these LiDAR tech innovations here in this video space. The LIVE AIR 3 Smart should be a solid option for those looking to capitalize on the “smart-ification” of the industry and should help small crews or solo shooters the most.

If you are interested, here are the specs and pricing for the LIVE AIR 3, which is expected to start shipping here soon:

  • Wirelessly Control Lens Focus via LiDAR
  • 0.7 Nm Smart LiDAR Motor, Batteries
  • Bluetooth Focus Controller, USB Cable
  • Shoe Mount Adapter, 15mm Rod
  • Lens Gear Ring, Mounting Clamp

Price: $469.00

Jourdan Aldredge