So how did he pull off such an ambitious project? 

Director Ridley Scott and actress Jodie Comer recently talked with film critic Simon Mayo and elaborated on the journey that was making this epic film. 

Check out the full interview below, and let's discuss some key points afterward.

Spoiler warning for The Last Duel.

Unconventional Story Structure

Scott is no stranger to breaking the rules, and when it came to a story based on an event such as this, he knew a traditional story structure would be the wrong direction to go. 

He said in this interview, "The idea of going through that particular event three times. Seeing it from the point of view of Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), Lady Marguerite (Jodie Comer), and Jean De Carrouges (Matt Damon). That to me gave it a very interesting turn, and made it very special." 

The way this story unfolds defies your expectations and keeps you guessing.

Themes have a way of slowly sneaking up on you in an effective way. Overall, it was a great storytelling choice. 

The_last_duel_dtlr1_239_t_rec709_210629'The Last Duel'Credit: 20th Century Studios

The Real Heart of the Film

Comer is a magnificent talent who convincingly steals the movie over the course of the second half. 

When discussing what drew her to the part, she said, "What really excited me and enticed me was the opportunity to give her a voice. At the heart of this story is ultimately about a young woman who testifies that she is raped by a friend of her husband. She stands up and she speaks publicly. She fights for justice." 

Comer emulates this figure so well while building off of this strong woman's courageous past. 

For the last few minutes of the film, you can understand everything Comer's character is feeling in an intimate way, and she barely speaks a word. 

The-last-duel_1'The Last Duel'Credit: 20th Century Studios


It's always refreshing seeing artists such as these two make a project that means so much to themselves and others. 

Their passion is contagious, and they created a film that has important messages told in a unique way. Medieval blockbuster dramas don't get made too often these days, and this is truly one to marvel at. 

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