Filmmakers today have more than enough options when it comes to lenses. Everything from the high-end with ARRI, Zeiss, and Cooke releasing new glass, to budget-friendly options from the likes of MeikeVenus Optics, and Sirui. The latter two even have very affordable anamorphic options. 

But Sirui doesn't seem content with just making affordable anamorphic lenses. With the release of the Jupiter series, the China-based company is jumping all in on full-frame cine primes. They even tacked on a zoom lens to the set. Let's dive in to see what they're all about. 

Sirui Jupiter Macro Full-Frame Cine Primes

From what we've seen, a lens company usually starts with spherical lenses first before moving onto anamorphic glass. But Sirui did the whole process in reverse and started making anamorphic glass first. 

The new Sirui Jupiter cine primes feel like going back to basics, but it's nice to see the company filling out its product line with more budget options for filmmakers. Here's Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter with his take:

The new spherical lenses from Sirui have a minimum focusing distance of 0.79 feet (0.24m), proving their macro claim and allowing for excellent close-ups where details remain clear. Focusing in and out of certain areas is nice and smooth, and SIRUI also promises enhanced flare protection, less optical aberration, and high sharpness. 

Sirui Jupiter Series Macro Test.jpgMacro capabilitiesCredit: DreamDuo Films

Each of the Jupiter macro lenses features a maximum aperture of T/2 and a minimum of T/22, a manual focusing ring, 92mm filter thread (M92 x 0.75 filter spec), PL and EF mount options, and similar sizes and weights depending on the lens and mount. The focus and iris rings are also unified across the entire set.

If you're looking for a solid and affordable set of macro full-frame lenses, the Sirui Jupiter macro cine primes are hard to beat, especially at the price point of $999 USD per lens. The only other options you have in this price range are the Meike cine primes and DZOfilm VESPID series, but the latter is a few hundred dollars more. 

But what if you just wanted one lens instead of three? Well, Sirui has an option for that, too.

Sirui_jupiter_lens_mountsJupiter Macro Full-Frame Cine Prime LensesCredit: Sirui

A 28-85mm T3.2 Full-Frame Cine Zoom Lens

The other lens introduced by SIRUI is the 28-85mm full-frame cine zoom lens (3x ratio) with a constant maximum aperture of T/3.2 and a minimum of T/22. The manufacturer promises the lens will resolve 8K resolution cameras and give creatives an image that is sharp without being too clinical.

With a parfocal design, the focus should remain consistent throughout the entire zoom range. It also provides a 44mm image circle, which will cover pretty much any camera system on the market, including the RED V-Raptor, ARRI ALEXA Mini, Canon C500 Mark IISony FX9, and Sony VENICE, to name a few.

Sirui_28mm-85mm_cine_zoom_lens28mm-85mm Cine Zoom LensCredit: Sirui

Sadly, unlike the Jupiter primes, the zoom isn't macro. It features a minimum focus distance of 2.3 feet (0.7m), an option for a PL or EF mount (with E-mount and RF-mount adapter options), a 110mm filter thread (M110 x 0.75 filter spec), 1/4"-20 threaded hole, and more. The lens is built strong and is a great option for any application. 

This new offering from Sirui reminds us a bit of the CHIOPT XTREME ZOOM 28-85mm T3.2, which also comes in at a similar price of $2,899. You could also swing for a set of DZO Catta zooms for just over $3,000 per lens. With so many affordable options on the market, we're excited to see how these lenses compare and evolve to compete with each other.

Should You Get Them?

It's really hard to say. The lens market is overrun with budget-friendly full-frame cine options. Between Meike, Sirui, IRIX, and DZOFilm, the cine lens world is a full-on cornucopia. If you're looking for an affordable lens set, Sirui and Meike are definitely solid options.

Sirui did have issues with matching the look of its first iteration of anamorphic lenses. Will the Jupiter series have the same problem? That remains to be seen, but they're definitely competing in a quickly growing market.  

Sirui_jupiter_lens_mountsCredit: Sirui

Currently, Sirui is offering a special "early bird" pricing of $799 of the Jupiter macro Cine primes if you order through their IndieGoGo campaign. It is also offering the entire set for $2,797 USD, or $2,238 with special pricing. That includes either the PL or EF mount option, which is a killer value. 

SIRUI is also offering options for E-mount and RF-mount adapters for use with popular mirrorless cameras.

The price of the 28-85mm T3.2 full-frame cine zoom lens is $2,899 USD, but they're offering the "early bird" pricing of $2,319 (PL or EF mount). You can buy the cine zoom and the new Jupiter macro full-frame cine zoom lenses for $4,399 USD (early bird pricing, otherwise $5,499).

Visit the SIRUI site for more information, and if you want to put in your order now, go visit its IndieGoGo.

If those prices are still a bit steep, you can always go with Rokinon. 

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