The world of video technology is moving in two directions at once. In one way, everything is becoming easier to do digitally and from home. We have giant LED walls replacing real locations and all types of AI aiming to generate pretty much every element of production to some degree.

In another way, though, display technology is pushing for greater durability and high-end performance, allowing video pros to shoot anywhere in the world and in pretty much any environment.

This latest monitor from SmallHD falls into this second direction and should be one of the most heavy-duty and durable options on the market.

Let’s take a look at the new SmallHD ULTRA 7 and explore how this new Smart 7 series monitor should be one of the best high-end options for filmmakers and video pros looking to take on productions in the most challenging of locales.

Introducing the SmallHD ULTRA 7

Designed as a solution to integrate an ultra-bright monitor into your production rig, the new Small HD ULTRA 7 UHD 4K on-camera touchscreen monitor features a 2300 cd/m² display tailored to allow viewing in just about any indoor or outdoor environment.


  • 7" 1920x1080 Touchscreen Display
  • 6G-SDI & HDMI Inputs/Outputs
  • Bright 2300 cd/m² LCD Panel
  • 5-Pin USB & Ethernet Control Powers
  • PageOS 5 User Interface
  • SD Card Slot, IP53 Rating
  • Onboard Button Controls
  • Milled Aluminum Unibody Housing

As a 7” monitor with a bright display, the ULTRA 7 also features a 1920x1080 touchscreen LCD, plus HDMI and 6G-SDI inputs and outputs that support up to 4K. There’s also your usual host of camera control options, nice tactile and pushable buttons, and—most importantly—10-bit 4:2:2 Rec 709 color processing.

The SmallHD ULTRA 7 should be considered a higher-end option that would most ideally pair with ARRI, Sony, or RED cinema cameras, in part thanks to its 5-pin USB and Ethernet control ports, which your larger camera crews will be better equipped to utilize.

\u200bThe SmallHD ULTRA 7 front

The SmallHD ULTRA 7 front


Designed for Durability

In a day when iPads and other tablet devices can double for on-set production monitors, it’s perhaps more important than ever for manufacturers like SmallHD to distinguish themselves not just with their features but with their durability and higher-end usability.

That’s certainly the case with the ULTRA 7, which features a sealed heat management system that can operate in conditions ranging from 0 degrees to 40 degrees. The ULTRA 7 also features a quick-release sun hood that can be clipped on using magnets.

The chassis includes raised edges to help protect its front glass and silicone bumpers to shelter the monitor from other accidents or impacts. It’s fully sealed and should protect against just about all liquids and fine particles when using it in harsh environments

\u200b\u200bThe SmallHD ULTRA 7 back

The SmallHD ULTRA 7 back


Price and Availability

Overall, it looks like the ULTRA 7 will fit in nicely as one of the several flagship monitors produced by SmallHD. With a price of just under $3,000, it won’t be the cheapest option out there, but for higher-end projects with ample budgets, it shouldn’t be the priciest either.

SmallHD ULTRA 7 UHD 4K On-Camera Touchscreen Monitor

Integrate an ultra-bright monitor into your production rig with this SmallHD ULTRA 7 UHD 4K On-Camera Touchscreen Monitor, which features a 2300 cd/m² display for viewing in just about any indoor or outdoor environment.


If you’re looking for a solid, reliable, and durable monitor to take with you on location and into more challenging environments, plus uploading your own 3D LUTs and other features, the ULTRA 7 should be about as trustable as they come.