While there could be debate as to which brand “won” NAB 2024, we do have official confirmation that the Sony BURANO took down not just one, but two, of the top “Product of the Year” awards given out by NAB Show this year.

And while the BURANO wasn’t officially announced or unveiled at NAB 2024 for the first time or anything, it’s certainly been one of the most compelling storylines this year as its much-anticipated release pretty much exactly coincided with the conference this year in Vegas.

But what else does Sony have to share? Let’s take a look at our booth visit with the Sony team from NAB 2024.

Sony at NAB 2024

From checking out the Sony VENICE 2 (which was showcased at previous NAB episodes) to talking about the BURANO and its exciting possibilities, there was a lot to learn about and check out at this year’s Sony booth.

With our hosts from Cinematography for Actors leading the conversation, here are the highlights from our discussion with the Sony team at NAB 2024:

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