One of my favorite now off-the-air TV shows was Robert Rodriguez'sThe Director's Chair. It was a series of specials featuring Rodriguez sitting down with Hollywood's most iconic directors and engaging in a revealing and unexpected exchange about the world of filmmaking. It was also an incredibly rare opportunity to listen in as two great directors, who are fans of each other's work, discuss the craft in great depth. Like a free film school for anyone who wants to direct one day. 

One of his best guests was close personal friend Quentin Tarantino. Their talk ran the gamut of topics, but my favorite part was a sort of rapid-fire part with questions other directors had always wanted to ask him. 

Check out the video from Cinema Garmonbozia, taken from Rodriguez's The Director's Chair. And then let's talk after. 

Tarantino answers questions from other directors

The plethora of questions here ranges from the most takes he's done (30-plus) to his choice for the most badass actor of all time. He picked Lee Van Cleef, who he says looks like Snoop Dog.

I liked knowing more about his process, especially since he's considered doing autobiographical movies, but he really embraces the protective layer of a genre that keeps the audience at a distance but also is evocative of his art. What's coming from him is real, and is part of his soul.

He also pushed back on the idea of comedy movies, saying most of his movies are actually comedy. He says that the audience needs to expand its definition of what it thinks a comedy can be. 

You can watch the entire episode here, and then let me know what you think in the comments.