It’s always nice to hear from a fellow filmmaker about their own trials, tribulations, and success stories learned from their own filmmaking journey—and especially when that filmmaker's film played at this year's Sundance film festival.

This is why it’s always fun, and helpful, to check out interviews, director’s commentaries, and speakers at film festivals and the like to not only get some valuable advice but also get some inspiration and encouragement.

Speaking with The Insiders Show, writer, editor, and first-time director Josh Margolin shares bits of all of the above in this podcast interview which we recommend checking out below.

Josh Margolin Talks ‘Thelma’

Backed by a remarkable 98% Rotten Tomatoes score and a veteran cast, the film Thelma tells the story of a 93-year-old retiree who finds herself the victim of a scam and seeks her revenge.

In this chat with The Insiders Show, Margolin gives some personal stories and plenty of inspirational anecdotes about the challenges of directing a movie for the first time, as well as some solid advice for those looking to finally power through on their own projects.

You can give the full podcast a listen here, or check out the YouTube video below. Challenge Creativity with \u2018Thelma\u2019 Filmmaker Josh Margolin


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