Tokina teased on its Instagram the release of a new focal length in its Vista Prime series, suggesting "the middle is good." We know now the new lens, which follows the previously announced 40mm T1.5, is a 65mm T1.5 Vista Prime that goes along with eight other lenses in the stout cinema lens lineup. 

Optically, the lens is made from 13 groups and 14 elements, touting the same image characteristics you'll find on other focal lengths that range from 18mm to 135mm—all at a fast T1.5. The cinema lenses have very little focus breathing, a consistent 9 blade aperture and 114mm front diameter, focus scales on both sides of the lens, and a 112mm screw-in filter (except for the 18mm). 

Tokina_vistaprimes_familyCredit: Tokina

What makes the Vista Primes stand out is their large 46.7mm image circle that's capable of covering full-frame and beyond, including RED VistaVision, ARRI LF, and Sony VENICE cameras.

The Vista Primes are some of our favorite cinema lenses available, not only because of the consistency across the lens but because of their lower price point. They're not the least expensive cinema primes available, but their $5K-$8K price tag is very respectable, especially for what you're getting. Plus, if you can't afford them, many rental houses have them available to rent. 

If you're on a hunt for a 65mm cinema lens that covers full-frame or more, Cooke has a 65mm MACRO T2.5, and ZEISS has its Supreme Prime T1.5. Dropping down to Super 35, it opens up more doors, like the ARRI Master Prime 65mm T1.3. 

The Tokina 65mm T1.5 Vista Prime is priced at $7,499 and is available in PL, Canon EF, Sony E, and MFT mounts.