Panasonic is taking a stab at the high-end prosumer/professional owner/operator with the S1H. We've talked about all of its impressive specs (6K 3:2 up to 24p, internal 4K 10bit recording, 14+ stops of dynamic range) and got you up close and personal to it on the CineGear showroom floor. Now that we've had a day to bask in its beautiful glow, we can finally get a load of what the S1H can do. 

Check out some test footage below:

It seems to have been quite intentionally designed to work hand-in-hand with some of the S1H's bigger siblings like the EVA-1 and all the different flavors of VariCam. Seeing as how all of these cameras have compatible colors, LUT's, frame rates, and bit rate and bit depth options, I can't seem to find a way to argue otherwise. To me, the most impressive stat about the S1H is the 6K 3:2 24p image capture.

But what is 6K good for?

Just like 4K for HD productions, it allows for downsampling and video resizing in a smaller resolution timeline. Now, with 6K, filmmakers can get similar results in 4K that they previously were only able to get in HD.  

The camera will sell for $4000 but if that's too rich for your blood, the Panasonic S1 is getting a hefty software upgrade for $199 (free for current or expecting owners up to October) that gives you the same look as the S1H, without the 6K/5.9K options.

The S1H is shaping up to be an excellent B-Cam or Crash Cam for existing Panasonic-based productions, or even an A Cam for smaller indie-style productions. 

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