Filmmaking Tools and Tech That Excite Us the Most as We Wrap Up NAB 2022

In looking back at NAB 2022, we point out the amazing things we saw, the innovations we're inspired by, and the changes we believe the future of film tech holds for filmmakers everywhere.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Teradek’s cloud-based post-production and portable mixing solutions and affordable line for filmmakers
  • Aputure’s growth and other upcoming small companies to watch  
  • Robots with cameras and’s futuristic wireless transmission 
  • Audio Design Desk’s mind-blowing software solution for audio designers 
  • Battery options and Came-TV’s dual V-mount charger    
  • High-end lenses, Maxon, and the evolution of effects work 
  • Going for the tools you need but recognizing the free or less-expensive alternatives 
  • ARRI’s rise to the top and where camera systems will go from here
  • How filmmakers can leverage technology to push the industry forward  
  • Cutting through the noise with branding, storytelling, and design principles 
  • The possibility of better things and embracing cinema all over again 

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No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2022 is brought to you by Blackmagic Design, Atomos, and Creative Solutions (makers of Teradek, Wooden Camera, and SmallHD).

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