ZHIYUN is a small gimbal brand coming out of China (at least when you compare it to the likes of DJI). It focuses on content creators and social media users by making small form factor tools for mirrorless cameras and smartphones.

But like SmallRig and Z Cam before it, the company has made a play for the lighting market with the initial release of the Fiveray stick light and pocket light.

Now, the ZHIYUN Molus G60 and Molus X100 aim to tackle the likes of Aputure with a slick form factor. Thanks to Newsshooter, we get a sneak peek at these lights from CP+ 2023. 

The Molus G60 - An Aputure Competitor

A 60W moonlight-style fixture, the ZHIYUN Molus G60 places its sights squarely on the amaran 60x from Aputure. Both lights share a similar form factor, offering a 60W output, and share a 2700K-6500K color temperature range. For CRI and TLCI, both will read well above 95.

With the included reflector, the Molus G60 will put out 11194 lux, although no range for that number is currently listed. For comparison, the amaran 60x will do 37,775 lux at 3.3’ with the included reflector. 

ZHIYUN MOLUS G60 sideThe Molus G60 is super compactCredit: Newsshooter

Where the Molus G60 has a leg up in size, as it measures 9x6.7x6.6 cm, which is a centimeter or smaller on each length. This is probably why ZHIYUN didn’t go with a Bowens mount and opted for a priority linking mechanism. The Bowens mount is bigger than the light itself. However, there is an adapter, which also provides extra support for those big attachments. 

ZHIYUN Molus G60 Bowens AdapterA light fixture smaller than a Bowens mountCredit: ZHIYUN

For power, filmmakers won’t find an internal battery, which is fine for most productions. Options include powering via a USB-C port or a DC port. Take away the USB port, and that’s precisely what the amaran COB 60d has. 

All in all, the ZHIYUN Molus G60 will be a great alternative to Aputure, but only if the price is right.

The Molus X100 - An Unusual Fixture

The second addition is the Molus X100, which is a unique little fixture. Looking more like a handheld AC unit or an oversized iPhone, the X100 pumps out 100Ws while also offering a CTT range of 2700K-6500K and an output of 17317 lux. Once again, we’re unsure at what distance this measurement was taken. 

ZHIYUN Molus X100 LayoutFront layout of the ZHIYUN Molus X100Credit: ZHIYUN

Power is also fed via USB-C or DC, with no internal battery to speak of. However, you can attach an optional battery grip, kind of what Tilta did for their BMPCC cages. Even so, creatives can use any cine batteries to give this light some power via the DC barrel connector.

As with the Molus G60, ZHIYUN uses its proprietary ZY mount to attach accessories but also offers a Bowens mount adapter for the same reason as the G60. 

ZHIYUN Molus X100.jpgZHIYUN Molus X100 at CP+ 2023Credit: Newsshooter

An Edge On The Competition

ZHIYUN has been a quiet creator in the gimbal and lighting space. While they haven’t made any significant waves with such fierce competition, the Molus G60 and X100 are interesting plays. 

Here’s the good: both lights are compact.

These things are tiny compared to the competition. Once they hit production, they are sure to find a home with filmmakers and digital content creators that need a tiny high-power light. 

However, here is where the bad and ugly rear their heads. According to several sources, these units are still prototypes. What they will cost and how they’ll actually work in the field remains to be seen. From what we’ve seen so far, we're intrigued and would love to get these lights on set and see how they perform next to the competition. 

Once again, thanks to Newsshooter for sharing what they found at CP+ 2023 in Japan. Make sure to check out their video to really see how small these new fixtures are.

But what do you think? Would you want these lights in your kits? What kind of projects would you use them on? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Newsshooter